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18mo morning nappy suddenly smelling really strongly of...erm...chorizo

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TheRedRabbit Mon 17-Jun-13 06:32:27

DD is 18mo and about 10 days ago we had a chicken and chorizo stew. The next day her nappy stank of chorizo in the morning, it smelt like she'd done a huge stinky poo but was just wet. Since then, every morning her nappy smells really strongly of chorizo. When you walk into her room the whole place absolutely reeks. Nappies later in the day are fine, there's maybe a slight smell but I wouldn't notice any difference.

Have I poisoned her with chorizo?! We haven't had it for 10 days now!

Could it be teething or a UTI? She's the picture of health, no temperature, nothing else unusual. Loads of wet nappies, drinking lots, urine normal light yellow colour. She has all of her teeth now but the last two (lower canines) are still growing up through the gums.

Very very odd confused

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