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Does this seem like a water infection?

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HoppinMad Fri 14-Jun-13 15:52:54

Thanks monikar, unfortunately I couldnt ring the doctors this morning, as had forgotten we had a few important chores to do and now they hav no appointments left. So will have to ring on monday now for mondays app. (They are v rigid re appointment system).

On the plus side, he seems ok today. Only been to the toilet twice all day confused has left his poor willy alone too, so I will see how he is over the weekend I think.

monikar Fri 14-Jun-13 10:02:51

Yes, it does sound like a UTI to me. Antibiotics will clear it up really quickly.

I would take him to the doctors and take a sample with you. We had an awful time trying to get DD to produce a sample in the doctor's loo and she became very distressed so it is a lot easier to do it at home. Just use a clean pot or jar. Also, give him plenty of water to drink as this helps to flush the infection out of his system.

Hope that helps a little.

HoppinMad Thu 13-Jun-13 23:30:29

Ds (3) has been needing the toilet alot more than normal, wees plenty - not a few drops like when I had a UTI once. Now he normally goes around 4/5 times a day and past few days he is going possibly 7?. Unfotunately I havn't kept count.

He is also fiddling with his willy ALOT and when asked why, he says it hurts. I am not sure if it actually hurts as he is usually quite expressive if he is in any form of psin, but seems there is some sort of discomfort present. It does not look swollen nor does he show any discomfort whilst weeing. (Are UTI symptoms different in boys and girls? Not sure).

I will more than likely ring doctors in the morning, but just wondered if anyone had an idea what could be up with him?

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