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Anxious about infection-advice/help PLEASE!!

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MaMattoo Mon 10-Jun-13 00:26:28

The 2.5yr old child of my good friend turned up at our place for the weekend (with parents). All 3 were coughing, sneezing. Child had a thick green cold, and a rash in the face, a large red flat spot (20p size) on the arm and another couple smaller ones on the leg. At first sight looked like psoriasis to me. Their dr is not concerned and has given a steroid cream to mum for the child.
Am anxious about what this might be and worried that my 3 yr old might be infected.
My friend is a relaxed parent and did not seem concerned about it..
Wanted to post in aibu, but don't see the point..
Could some advise about what this might be? Or what I should do about it? I am a first time parent and thought I had become calm and practical...well..!!

MummyAbroad Mon 10-Jun-13 00:38:35

well I am not a doctor, but feel like saying something reassuring as you seem very worried (my eldest is 5 now and I have seen soooooo many colds now that I have become a relaxed parent too!)

One thing I have learned from our many doctors trips is that colds are most infectious when the snot is CLEAR not green, basically in the first three days. It turns green when your immune system kicks in and starts fighting off the infection, by which stage you are less contagious.

Its not foolproof, but hopefully will put your mind at rest a bit.

Have you got a "coughs and colds" kit at home? I always keep on hand: paracetemol and ibuprofen, themometer, olbas oil, soft tissues, chewable Vitamin C. You could also get in some extra fruit and drinks to keep vitamin C and liquid levels super topped up.

As to what the spots could be, perhaps it is an unrelated condition exacerbated by the cold? When you are under the weather, any skin conditions you may have could well look worse.

Hope your DC is OK!

BeaWheesht Mon 10-Jun-13 07:34:56

You sound extremely anxious.

Sounds like a cold and psoriasis : eczema. Nothing to become so stressed out about.

monikar Mon 10-Jun-13 10:14:19

Oh dear, you do sound extremely anxious and worried.

Often when children have a cold their faces can appear red and sore, due to being damp, so it is possible the rash could be this. The spot on the arm and leg sound like psoriasis so that is a condition that comes from within the body - it looks quite bad but it is not something that can be passed onto your DC.

Coughs and colds are part of childhood and as Mummy says, make sure you always have sufficient supplies of calpol/nurofen and sudocrem or Vaseline if their noses get sore. When they have a cold, keep an eye on their temperature and give the correct dose of calpol, give plenty of fluids and be aware that they can get a bit grumpy like we do when they have a cold.

The most effective thing you can do to prevent infection passing on is to frequently wash yours and your DC's hands.

Hope that helps a little.

MaMattoo Mon 10-Jun-13 22:22:46

Thank you all!! It is reassuring. I was quite anxious and still am, guess I will watch DS closely.
I think it a mix on paranoia based on prior experience. This family has previously passed on the flu, nits and other such unsavoury things on to us - and much as I love my friend I always get anxious about their visit.
Thank you all!!

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