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Witholding - help!

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citiesofgold Tue 28-May-13 16:07:23

Hi, I really need some help with my son's witholding issues. he's 3.5 and still in nappies. I've had a visit today from a nurse from a constipation clinic, but to be honest I'm not sure how helpful they are going to be.

They are telling me I need to put my son on the toilet after every meal, but he refuses to sit on a potty or a toilet. I'm worried that if we keep asking if he wants to sit on it, then it will just put too much pressure on him. I did mention that, but they didn't take much notice.

I'm feeling really worn down by it all - nothing I do seems to help and I'm starting to feel really pressured by the fact he is still in nappies with no real signs of being ready for potty training.

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