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Eek, 2 days until tonsils out and I feel awful and guilty and that we haven't prepared ds.

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upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle Mon 27-May-13 19:53:50

Typing on phone so apologies for any misspellings!

Had some sound advice on here regarding this and we're now 2 says from op date. I guess I'm having all the usual wobbles; anaesthetic risk, the amount of pain he will be in etc. I'm just really worried he's not 'prepared' iyswim and will hate us first putting him through this. I've kept reading horror stories since we received an op date. He is 4 btw.

Dreading it.

BrienneOfTarth Mon 27-May-13 20:08:23

Don't worry - 2 days is fine to prepare. You don't want to start too soon or he'd have time to worry.

You've got tomorrow in which to play a couple of "going to hospital" games, give teddy an injection and listen to his heart (pretty much anything long can be a stethoscope if you don't have a toy one). Don't make a big thing of it.

He won't hate your or blame you, he will see you as helping and supporting him through the experience, not hold you responsible for it. Yes he will be upset and hurting, but it will soon be over and he'll forget the sad bits and just remember the cuddles.

Nodney Mon 27-May-13 20:12:11

Hi upjacob

My DS also had his tonsils out at 4, and we did v little to prepare him other than tell him he was going to the hospital to see a dr about his bad throat. I didn't want him to be scared by the details and we just went with the flow. The nurses were fabulous with him, and until he came out of the anaesthetic he was laughing and joking with them. He wasn't scared in the slightest. We didn't give him any reason to feel scared - all positivity and no chats about being brave so he was fine about it. We took an iPhone with us so when he had his anaesthetic, he was watching a video on that rather than the needle going into his hand. We also took a couple of new, cheap toys for playing with after. One thing I wanted to warn you about - when they come around from the anaesthetic they cry and cry and cry. The nurses fetched me down to recovery where my DS was coming round, and he was crying so loudly. The nurses told me they all do it and don't remember it. I got on the trolley with him and gave him a cuddle and we both got pushed up to the ward where he continued to cry until he eventually fell asleep. When he woke up, he had a spreading cheese sandwich (we took them with us as we know he loves them) and was absolutely fine after that. He remembers the hospital, but remembers the nice nurses and the toy cars we bought him. He doesn't remember the crying, or the needles, or any pain. His health has been so much better too since! I was so nervous of my PFB going through this but it was no where near as bad as I thought. Good luck x x

pooka Mon 27-May-13 20:22:41

RE: the pain - when dd had her tonsils out her consultant said there was absolutely no reason for her to have immediate pain post-op, and that once we were home, if we kept to a strict schedule of pain meds then we could stop the pain before it started IYSWIM.

She had the anaesthetic, and also during the op they gave her a suppository with super duper pain relief. We had private health insurance. The op was at 7pm. She was back in our room by 8.30pm I think. Doped up. Had supper (tuna sandwich and some ice cream).

Then a nurse came about 4 hours later, as the suppository wore off, and gave medicine. Apart from one other time in middle of night at home, that was the only time she was properly sore. We were given a prescription for codeine.

She healed really well. No infection, no refusal of food or drink.

I had a humidifier in her room overnight to keep the air moist and to try and stop the dry throat ache.

She was playing in the garden the day after the op, once we were home. Went back to school just under the fortnight after the op (was summer term, so she didn't want to miss the meet the teacher afternoon where they get to meet the next teacher).

She was 7 though - so older than your ds. I think it was a great thing for her to have the tonsils out. While she didnt have recurrent infections, she had huge enlarged tonsils all the time, which meant she mouth-breathed. Had stinky breath and sleep apnoea. Snored like a train. Was rather underweight. All that's stopped now - sleeps really well now, eats well, no stinky breath and most importantly, no apnoea. A side effect has been that she hasn't had a single day off sick from school in the last 2 years! Has been really well. smile

pooka Mon 27-May-13 20:24:25

DD did this weird thing when she came round - looked vacant, unseeing, like she didn't know me. Was staring at her hands (think she was completely tripping actually). And just went back to sleep for an hour!

Sparkerparker Tue 28-May-13 19:54:37

upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle -my 4 yo son just had his tonsils out.
Try not to worry about preparing him, too much information can be confusing (this has been my ds's 4th op).
We got him an usbourne book called Going to Hospital, which we read with him. It talks about 'sleepy gas' etc its all in language they can understand and doesn't sound clinical.
We also made a big deal of taking him to Build a Bear and got a surgeons outfit for the bear. He really loved this and enjoyed introducing his surgeon bear to all the medical staff.
For your sake, it's always a worry when your children go under a general but these people are amazing and do their job every day.
My boy was quite spaced out after his tonsillecyomy, that was the morphine which was definitely needed as he was in discomfort once it wore off.
He is 8 days post op now and still on Calpol and nurofen around the click but certainly improving.
Good luck. He will be fine and will be in great hands.

upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle Wed 29-May-13 08:07:23

Thanks all for taking the time to reply. We are on the ward now waiting to go down to theatre. Feel very anxious but just want to do it now and have a happy, well little boy.

Nodney Wed 29-May-13 08:16:53

Good luck upjacob - hope you're nice and early on the list so it'll soon be over. Try and get a cup of tea or something while your little one is in. X

upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle Wed 29-May-13 08:35:53

Thanks all for taking the time to reply. We are on the ward now waiting to go down to theatre. Feel very anxious but just want to do it now and have a happy, well little boy.

Amy106 Wed 29-May-13 08:43:28

Try not to worry too much. Your little guy is in safe hands and it's going to be okay.

upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle Wed 29-May-13 09:04:34

Thank you...not sure why that posted twice. Sorry!

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