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Medicine refuser - advice/ help please

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tootssweet Fri 24-May-13 23:59:14

My 2yo ds has to take a course of antibiotics. The first sign if a spoon or syringe

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:00:01

syringe is probably best
then an ice lolly to take the taste away

tootssweet Sat 25-May-13 00:03:55

Agh! Accidentally hit post whilst trying to correct spelling sorry. Starting again

My 2yo ds has a course of antibiotics to take but at the first sign of a spoon or syringe will get incredibly upset,mouth clamped & start thrashing to get away from us. We have tried bribing, cajoling but we usually still end wearing whatever medicine he has. Please does anyone have any advice or suggestions as to how we can get the darn stuff in him? It's making this illness even more stressful than it is. Tia

drinkyourmilk Sat 25-May-13 00:06:26

Mix it with a spoonful of yogurt? Or put it in a small amount of milkshake? Premade cruddy thick stuff

drinkyourmilk Sat 25-May-13 00:08:34

I can't remember what its called, but the yellow one (often used for ent problems) tastes like bile. I couldn't take it as an adult. Best mixed with neat cordial.

tootssweet Sat 25-May-13 00:10:59

Mmm mixing with his food might work. He is very set in his eating habits so maybe something we know he will definitely eat might work. If only they did antibiotic biscuits then we'd have no problems!

tootssweet Sat 25-May-13 00:12:52

It is the thick yellow one that supposedly tastes of banana. Doesn't help that every time his big sister sees it she starts shouting yuk & pretending to gag!

MERLYPUSS Sat 25-May-13 19:55:35

We cracked this one. What we did was fill a spoon with the medicine and then let DT1 choose an ice cream syrup as a second spoon downed immediately after (have that spoon prefilled too). We had 3 syrups on the go at once but I think they psychological choice - 'I have to have the yukky stuff but I can chose the yummy stuff' worked. Apparently caramel was the best according to him but I'm sure it was because it was the odd one out from the strawberry and raspberry colour wise.

Raaraathenoisybaby Sat 25-May-13 20:04:37

Put it in a beaker with milk. Dd1 was v anti meds for a while - worked brilliantly grin

drinkyourmilk Sat 25-May-13 23:59:18

How did you get on tootsweet?

Zavi Sun 26-May-13 00:58:58

Tell your child it's a really good medicine and that you want them to take it because you know it will make them feel better.

If they resist (as 2 yr olds do) tell them that you will get cross with them if they don't take it - and that they MUST take it.

There are alarming Public Health reports coming out now that say we are running out of antibiotics that are resistant to diseases!

tootssweet Sun 26-May-13 13:50:41

We managed to sneak some in a yoghurt tube but now he is avoiding them. We have a treat tin that we have been giving him something for being a brave boy after his medicine but he is still having to be pinned down to take it & spitting half of it outsad.

It's horrible as he so obviously hates what is going on & we feel so awful about forcing it on him. We do also need him to be well though so will keep persevering. Thank you all for posting - appreciate people taking the time to help.

DeWe Sun 26-May-13 22:19:39

Good luck!

I have a ds who is an expert in not taking medicine, having honed his skill over a large number of antibiotics...

Finally (age 5) we've got a technique that usually works:
Put chocolate drop in his mouth. Swiftly insert spoon/syringe and get medicine into mouth. As removing spoon/syringe insert second chocolate drop, and hold (gently) under the chin, to keep his chin up so he can't spit it out.

orderinformation Mon 27-May-13 20:43:46

Dd had daily medicine every day for first two years and had refusing stages. Main thing was to let her know there was no choice. So there was easy way - do it, get sweetie and cuddle - or hard way - pin her down and squirt into mouth, but either way it would be done. Believe me there were a lot of tears from all of us at times.

We also often gave choice between syringe and spoon.

On the worst nights we syringed it in while asleep.

Once we have syringed it blow in her face to make her swallow it.

Good luck!

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