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ds 3 blood test tomorrow

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fireandblood Thu 23-May-13 22:29:40

I have to take my ds 3 to hospital tomorrow to get blood tests to test kidneys,liver,thyroid,anemia,diabeties and also to check for inflammation.

He has been having trouble since he started nursery last year intermittantly with the stand out symptom being back pain.

Sept 2012 back pain at nursery called in , drs prescribed anti bs
Nov 2012 back pain drs cream for his bits
Dec 2012 back pain cough treatment for cough fobbed off
Feb 2013 told over phone that he has gastro reflux disease (after no tests) and to raise his bed and his spinchter? will close up by time he is 4 hopefully
April 2013 back pain other symptoms this time where temperature, falling asleep at nursery and twice at home emergency appointment, protein and ketones in urine( he had ate) prescribed anti b's for kidney infection . I phoned for results and told all fine as no bacteria in urine!

I made another appointment and took him up to drs today and had a dr I havent met before who was great and has give me a slip to take to outpatients tomorrow and told me they would test to rule out all the above then take it from there.

Inbetween history above there has been sporadic back pain, tiredness, excessive sweating when upset or activity, white poo for a period, vomiting without any illness( only once or twice) all symptoms have been mentioned to drs on varying appoinments and its really hard to tell what is related to back pain and whats not.

The back pain usually only lasts an hour and I can feel his back burning where he says it is sore, he only stops whimpering when I rub it then it disappears and he is back to his normal self as day goes on.

Worried and I am really guilty I havent put my foot down earlier and stood my ground, but so glad someone has eventually listened and taking this

Just posting to see if anyone else has had dc with similiar symptoms.

fireandblood Fri 24-May-13 07:36:36

anyone? Sorry I know I wrote an essay smile

fireandblood Fri 24-May-13 15:10:22

Well been now and just have to wait on results so will find out next week fingers crossed it is just something minor and get to bottom of it

FoodieToo Fri 24-May-13 17:49:29

Really hope it goes well and you find out what the problem is and that it is something simple.
They are so prone to picking up things when they start interacting with other kids that it certainly is hard to tell what is related and what isn't .

fireandblood Fri 24-May-13 20:40:06

Thank you for replying FoodieToo. I know I am just relieved that its finally getting looked into properly. He was devestated at blood test,

They put anasethitic cream on and left for half an hour so I did not expect him to feel it, it is only when he started sobbing uncontrollably that they told me sometimes it doesn't work.

I imagine he petrefied all the children waiting to be seen in the phlebotomy department especially those who didnt know! He shouted that woman had a jaggy needle lol.

Anyway after scaring myself with allsorts I will wait til next dr's appointment and have come to the conclusion if something serious showed up they would phone me beforehand!

FoodieToo Sat 25-May-13 17:31:02

I know how it feels to worry like that. Ds2 was very ill after Christmas and nobody knew what was wrong. It turned out to be a very serious case of pneumonia,with an empyema,which is a fluid build up in the pleural space.

We had a lot of blood tests at the time and yes,bloods are not nice for iids,especially the first time.
The paediatric phlebotomists tend to be wonderful.

I am not sure how it works or where you are but we are in Dublin and if you get bloods done in hospital it takes about an hour for them to come back.

If there was an issue,and almost everything shows in bloods, they would contact immediately. There would be no waitin

I am not saying everything can be diagnosed from bloods but there are certain indicators which can be present. So if you haven't heard anything yet hopefully that is a good sign.

I hope it all works out ok for you.

fireandblood Sun 26-May-13 11:37:49

Sorry to your ds being very ill, I hope he is feeling better now. Thank you for the information it is quite reassuring in that no news good news.

GP told me to go to edinburgh sick kids op for tests and she said it would take a week for results then she made me appoinment on 4th june to go back in for results /arrange further tests go from there her words.

That is good it only takes an hour where you are, I think that would have been the case if we had went to a and e which I am beginning to wish we did. But even though I was told a week they maybe test them sooner and I was told that just as a timescale to cover in case busy etc or it has not been marked as urgent etc. Not quite sure how it works!

Thanks again FoodieToo

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