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Ear infection - when to take antibiotics?

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Liskey Thu 23-May-13 08:57:38

DD has been on and off complaining her ear hurts since last Friday and a slight temperature then. DMIL took her to doctor's yesterday who said minor ear infection but gave prescription in case it got worse but to try and manage with calpol/ibrufren.

We've been up at 01.30 with her crying her ear hurt and then this morning she's saying it hurts still despite painkillers. Her temperature this morning is 37.9 so getting worse (also prone to febrile seizures with very high temps). I've kept her off pre-school but now thinking that after nearly a week I should give antibiotics? Despite Doctor saying to try and manage.

Nevercan Thu 23-May-13 09:09:13

I would give them as she is obviously in pain and you have tried to wait it out. Ear ache is horrible :-(

DeWe Thu 23-May-13 10:24:21

My GP has always said wait 48 hours when he's done that, and you've done that, so I would give them.

My ds has lots of ear infections, and he always has antibioitcs straight away even if it's minor because if he doesn't get antibiotics his ear drum often bursts. However he's had a couple of antibiotic resistant ear infections which is quite worrying.

monikar Thu 23-May-13 10:42:52

I would also give them, you have watched and waited and now feel she is getting worse.

My DD has also had a febrile convulsion so I know how frightening that is. For me that would be a good reason to start the antibiotics - if the ear infection gets a hold her temperature could shoot up. We were told that it is the speed at which the temperature rises that causes the convulsion so I would keep up the calpol/nurofen at the same time as giving the antibiotics and also monitor her temperature regularly.

Good luck, it is horrible when they are ill.

Liskey Thu 23-May-13 11:56:03

Thanks for that.

Been and got antibiotics now hopefully DD will be better soon.

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