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Push for ENT referral?

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baileyslover Sat 18-May-13 10:38:10

Ok may well be worrying about nothing, but wanted collective mumsnet wisdom for reassurance.

9 month old DS, one of triplets. Born 6 weeks early but all healthy and signed off by paediatrician at 6 months. BF, now mix feeding, took milk fine from me, fussy with bottle but ok, and growing along centile.
Basically he has always been really snuffly, initially told due to cs delivery and that he would grow out of it. He has not, and has mucus streaming from his nose most days. He snores and has never slept through. I also noticed the other day that the roof of his mouth is really high compared to his sisters.
He has taken to weaning ok, but not great, I thought it was because with a blocked nose he wouldn't be able to taste much, and certainly he prefers spicier foods. However I struggle to get a spoon into his mouth. It is almost as if his tongue gets in the way? Does that make sense?

Anyway, am I just being a paranoid mum, or should I go back to gp/HV and push for a referral? TIA

Elibean Sat 18-May-13 11:52:02

I would push for a referral, tbh. We were told dd2 was snuffly because of c-section, but she had laryngomalacia (floppy larynx) which only really showed up when she got sick with bronchiolitis....she also had reflux which is linked to the floppy larynx.

GP fobbed us off, until she was admitted with the bronchiolitis - and even then, it took an ENT consultant to be passing through the ward, hearing the typical squeaky sound, and then she was finally referred to ENT. Which changed her, and our, lives in the long term!

It doesn't sound critical or as urgent with your ds, but I would ask for an ENT referral anyway...mostly because of the snoring and not sleeping through.

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