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barium meal

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chocolatecakeystuff Thu 16-May-13 21:30:56

Anyones kiddies had one of these? Dd has a degenerative condition & making her choke (mainly on liquids)

Got to go for a barrium meal before seeing consult next week. How bad are they?

Notquiteinsane Fri 17-May-13 20:56:34

My 10 month old had one a couple of weeks ago, bad reflux with vomiting/ choking.
Really wasn't that bad. He had to be hungry, and the appt was 9.30, so they advised not to feed him for 3 hours prior. Got in, explained the procedure, mixed the barium with a milkshake flavour and then he had to lay on the x-ray table to drink the stuff (I had packed a bottle...not too sure what would have happened if I hadn't), then they wanted him positioned on his side and to drink a bit more, then have some water and finally take some more x-rays after picking him up and bouncing him around a bit.
We were literally in and out in about 30 mins which made it much easier.
He wasn't massively impressed, but was the first time he'd ever tasted anything so sweet which probably cushioned the blow smile
I was able to stay with him which was great, but wasn't that lovely having to pin him down flat (whilst making sure my hands weren't getting in the way of the x-ray!)
However some of this may be different depending how old your LO is.
Good luck though!

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