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MMR-what is going on with my child?

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chestnut100 Mon 13-May-13 13:39:52

Would appreciate hearing any similar reactions and how things turned out for you. My 13 month old had the mmr 12 days ago.approx 6 hours later he started with dioreah, but was fine in himself. On day 8 he became generally unwell, which I was aware was likely and then came out in the measles rash, again an expected side effect. I contacted the gp about the ongoing dioreah and was told it wasn't related. A stool sample was taken and this gas come back clear. Last night, (day 11 post vax) the dioreah ramped up a whole new level, and he vomited heavily over a few hours. This morning the dioreah continues but so far no more sick.

I took my son to the gp and was made to feel like a neurotic loon. The gp insists it is all simply a coincidence. I am not so sure. My logical brain tells me it is, however I have googled and read terrifying stories similar to mine where the child then spiralled into autism. I am frankly rather scared. I am very pro vaccine, however my nerves are now rattled. The only thing making me a little less worried is the fact that he is his usual self, personality wise.

Thoughts and experiences would be gratefully received

Stressedtothehilt Mon 13-May-13 13:46:10

Hmm I think the gp would say no link. I'd be concerned too. Is there a special type of doc that deals with after effects of vaccines (I'm not sure?) That you perhaps could get referred to? Could you see a different a gp? I'd keep a note of everything in case this drags on, although hopefully he will be back to normal soon

louisianablue2000 Mon 13-May-13 14:01:07

Well, diarrhoea is not a symptom of measles, mumps or rubella so I'd say it was a coincidence. Diarrhoea is a fairly common problem so it's to be expected that some people will develop it after an event like vaccination even though they are not related.

Is your son able to keep down fluids and is still producing lots of wet nappies? Presumably the doctor thought your son was OK and didn't need any specialist treatment?

Don't google, there are lots of loons out there writing stuff that has no scientific basis at all that will scare you. If you must google then stick to repected sites like the NHS or netdoctors. Logically you know the putative link between the MMR and autism has been thoroughly discredited don't you? So try not to worry and in a few days your son will feel a lot better.

5madthings Mon 13-May-13 14:07:17

My dd had sickness and diahrea after her mmr a few weeks ago, she was poorly and off colour for a week to ten days? She is now fine.

My ds4 who had it at the same time didnt get poorly immeduately but a few weeks later he got a mild case of mumps cauaed by the mmr, he was fine within 48hrs.

5madthings Mon 13-May-13 14:08:29

I am sure my dds illness was just coincidence btw but it did worry me, but as i said she is fine now smile

Stressedtothehilt Mon 13-May-13 14:08:58

Louisiana yes that link between mmr and autism is discredited but some vaccines can damage some children. I worked with a child who developed encephalitis after a vaccine. It can and does happen albeit to a small minority.
Bowel issues can be a common factor in some children with autistic tendencies which is what the OP may have read.

OP I would just go back to gp if you aren't happy

chestnut100 Mon 13-May-13 14:39:44

Thank you all. I have basically been told that all he has is a viral infection that babies who have older siblings and attend play groups pick up, and that it can't be linked. I'm not sure it's as black and white as my gp thinks. Anyhow, she's told me to let things persist as they are, and not to come back for at least a week. She says there is nothing more she can do.

Was hoping to hear other children had had similar reactions and returned to good health later.

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