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Nurofen hurts dd's throat!

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Jojo3973 Sun 12-May-13 21:01:37

Hi, my dd has a high temp, headache, sore ears today. Calpol has done nothing to help. I have given her nurofen, which has brought down temp and perked her up. Problem is she really hates taking nurofen or calprofen because she says it burns her throat.
Anyone else heard of this? Could it be an allergy? Should I give her nurofen when she wakes up later feeling rubbish again?

wheredidiputit Sun 12-May-13 21:07:41

I'm allergic to nurofen as is my dd2.

It makes me high (as in floating around the ceiling feeling). But dd2 says it hurts her throat and her head feel funny.

I would stick to calpol and cool baths/showers.

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