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Pus filled spots on DD's leg - any advice?

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Sallypuss Wed 08-May-13 12:40:12

DD (4 years old) has had a rash at the back of her leg for 6-8 weeks now. The rash developed and two pus filled spots appeared which burst and now are taking an incredibly long time to heal though they have dried out. I had thought it was due to her tights rubbing her so have avoided the tights and she has either worn leggings or gone without. However, noticed another pus filled spot high on her inner thigh on Monday. Any idea what these could be? Have been putting Sudacrem on them to try to encourage them to heal but doesn't seem to be having any impact.

LowLevelWhinging Wed 08-May-13 12:58:58

I'd be taking her to the GP.

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