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Blocked tear ducts and Tea

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TwistTee Tue 07-May-13 16:41:06

I took my 21 week old to the drs yesterday after a pharmacists referral for conjunctivitis. Turns out his eyes are not infected and the yellow gunge is just down to his blocked tear ducts.
I mentioned his eyes were getting worse and the dr suggested I bathe them in black tea. Anyone ever tried this? Did it work?

MummaBubba123 Wed 08-May-13 06:02:40

Not tried this but my DD had a suspected blocked tear duct in one eye for about 13 months.
I foimd that I had to clip her hair out of her eyes as a combination of snot, sucking fingers and hair strands in the snot didn't help. (Nice). Lol
I went to Mooorfields eye hospital I'm the end. Doctor referred her. Do you have private health insurance? Even if not, you could get her / him referred.
You could try gently massaging her inner eye if not uncomfy.
This didn't help mind but was recommended to me.
Apparently it is relatively in and more often than not sorts itself out by the time they are 13 months old- otherwise they need to have a small operation.
I did find that keeping her face super clean of snot made a huge difference. And she still wears a hair clip on each side.

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