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Low iron

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MissDuke Sun 05-May-13 13:17:55

Hi everyone

I am not really sure what I hope to achieve by writing this, but I think it will help me just to put it all down anyway! And any experiences people can offer can only help!

My dd is 16 months. She was born at term weighing only 5lbs, which was a huge shock. We have no idea why, my older children both weighed over 8lbs at birth. She stayed in SCBU for a while, but was ok then, she just suffered awful reflux which was quickly brought under control with carobel. She took renitidine for a short time, but still takes the carobel in the 2 bottles of cows milk she has daily as I cannot get her to drink the milk without it!

My hv advised me to give her vitamins A,C,D and E saying it is now recommended that all children aged 1-5 are given this supplement, I started that in January.

Her development is delayed, but only in the area of gross motor skills. She didn't sit up or crawl until well past her 1st bday and has only just started to pull up to standing.

Therefore her paed did some blood tests, which so far have revealed that her iron level is only 7.6 - which seems bizarre to me, as not only is she a great eater, but she has been receiving the supplement for 4 months now and her carobel is fortified with iron too.

Typically, she eats one weetabix and a boiled egg for breakfast, followed by a handful of blueberries. Lunch is a chicken/tuna and salad sandwich (wholemeal bread) or ryvita and humous, or scrambled eggs, that type of thing. Dinner is potatoes, chicken/fish, brocolli, peas, carrots etc, or home made shephards pie/fish pie/meatballs etc. She gets no processed food and I don't give her chocolate/crisps etc - snacks are fruit/dried fruit/breakfast biscuits like belvita are the closest she gets to biscuits - but they are also fortified with iron.

I am driving myself nuts wondering where I am going wrong!

She had other blood tests done which haven't come back yet, and she is getting more done later this week to check for coeliacs etc. She has also been referred for an MRI of her brain.

I am worrying so much to the point of not sleeping, silly I know because she is a fantastic little girl, and we will get through whatever comes along, but I cannot help worrying!

I plan on updating this thread throughout the tests etc, so if anyone wants to keep me company/sane - you are more than welcome :-D

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