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Middle ear infections & speech delay - help?!

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BellaOfTheBalls Fri 03-May-13 12:50:01

My DS2 is 21 months. Over the past 6 months he has had three middle ear infections. However he doesn't show symptoms prior to the infection coming on and I only find out when there is mucus pouring out of his ear. He also has a speech delay that is becoming more apparent as he is getting older. His only discernible word is "yeah", everything else seems to be babble or coincidental. He is still BF'ed, neither of us nor any close family members smoke, but there is a family history of ear infections, glue ear etc on his fathers side. However I had always put this down to the fact that the older generations have always smoked around their children. Is there a genetic factor?

I've just had a call from his nursery to say his ear is pouring mucus again. I'm now concerned that there could be damage to the eardrum because of thebuild up of mucus. I've made an appointment with the GP for this afternoon; would it be unreasonable to push for an ear nose & throat referral?

kelda Fri 03-May-13 12:53:52

Push for the referral.

It sounds like the ear drum as already burst, relieving the pain and pressure. This often happens after the worst of the infection has gone, but the GP will decide if antibiotics or ear drops are needed.

My dd1 was very slow with speaking and had grommets at age 4. Her speech improved after that.

I wish we had realised earlier, although it's entirely possible that she would have been slow with speaking anyway.

I also have a child with severe speech disorders - speech dyspraxia and a phonolgical disorder - and in his case, he had no hearing problems.

BellaOfTheBalls Fri 03-May-13 13:00:51

Thank you. That is what I felt and this is the third he has had now. He will
Follow simple instructions but I have wondered for a whole if he is actually hearing me because if he isn't facing me sometimes he does not respond fully.

I'm cross with myself; 2 nights ago he had a raging temperature and was off his food but my DS1 had had a bug with identical symptoms a few days before so figured it was just that. Hindsight...

BellaOfTheBalls Fri 03-May-13 13:01:47

Phone + fat fingers = typos. Sorry!

incywincyspideragain Sat 04-May-13 23:26:34

Yes there is a genetic link (report)
There is a UK study at the moment which is on going

Once the ear drum has burst then hearing will be down until it repairs itself so every time he has an ear infection it sounds like he's losing his hearing which may affect speech development.

I think you should ask for a referral - if you do read the studies they believe glue ear is caused by 'irritation' to the middle ear which makes excessive mucus so looking at intolerances or irritants that you think affect your ds may help (our ENT suggested dairy free which really has helped)

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