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7 month old baby still has explosive nappies

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jumperooo Thu 02-May-13 09:46:07

DD is 7 months old and her poo nappies are always quite runny and leak out the back or on the legs. We've changed size and brand of nappy and its still the same, I think the issue is the poo itself. She's been weaning for a month, no sign of poo becoming more solid at all. Was like this pre weaning too. She's formula fed and has always had Aptamil.

9 out of ten times her dirty nappy requires a change of clothes as it immediately leaks through her vest and clothes. She does a dirty nappy once or twice a day. She seems well, no vomiting, plenty of wet nappies, etc. She sleeps through the night.

Is this normal, other babies her age seem to have stopped the leaky poo and are becoming more solid! I'm thinking of taking her to the doctor but assume they will say its teething or a virus?

NappyHappy Thu 02-May-13 09:50:57

Ds3 is nearly 8m and 95% of his are the soft splatty type too and still yellow ish. He seems ok too so Im not worried.

You lucky Mum having a baby that sttn! winkwink

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