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Acq72 Wed 01-May-13 23:47:07

My 10 month old baby and 9 year old both have low temps (96.8 & 95.6) the eldest just wanted to wear shorts to bed cos he said he felt hot and sick (he's not ill). They both are asleep. Both kids have fires in their rooms. Should I put then on for 10 mins to warm room up? I'm worried bout cot death if babys room gets too hot but her temp is low. She is in a sleeping bag (for babies) wearing a long sleeved vest and baby grow. Do I just leave her or heat the room? Do I heat sons room?

minkembra Thu 02-May-13 00:53:22

1/ have you checked your temp?and do you know their normal temp?
Might be a broken thermometer.
And some people,me and one of my kids have low temps compared to the average.

2/are they properly hydrated? dehydration can lower your temp.

If your son is too hot already i would not heat him the room up more. just keep an eye on him. he may feel cold later.

The baby- what about a hat?sounds mental but that is what they did in the hospital for low temp.

Fires in their room -i take it you mean radiator? Actual fires in bedrooms are illegal afaik and dangerous.

Keep an eye on both of them. call Nhs help.line if you are still worried. i am not a doctor just letting you know the things i would check.

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