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Does this sound like strep throat?

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mommybunny Wed 01-May-13 13:37:06

DD is 6 and came home from school Monday very flushed and lethargic, with a low appetite and swollen glands. Temperature was 37.7 but she said she otherwise felt fine in throat and ears, but her tummy hurt a little. Her voice sounded "thick"' iykwim. She woke up yesterday with no fever at all and though she didn't eat much breakfast or dinner (though all her lunch) she insisted she felt fine. This morning she told me her throat hurt. Again, no fever but I looked at her tonsils and they are very large. Her breath stinks. I decided to keep her home but now I'm wondering if I should have DH take her to GP. He is so difficult about taking kids to GP, thinks I have a tendency to panic. I would do it myself but I am at work, and will be tomorrow. I used to get strep just hearing about it when I was a kid and was constantly on antibiotics. I can't remember DD ever getting it. If it were just a sore throat I would be happy to wait it out but it's the stinky breath that concerns me - an odour usually signals a bacterial infection, doesn't it? And if she had a fever I wouldn't hesitate taking her but she doesn't, and never really did. But I do know strep is contagious and if one of her classmates had it I would want them to sort it before coming back to school.

Very grateful for any thoughts. Thanks.

chocoluvva Thu 02-May-13 10:32:44

How is she feeling today?

If she feels okay it's probably fine to hold off with the antibiotics. My DS who's 14 had a very sore throat with a couple of white spots, but was otherwise well. The doc looked at it (he was at the GP for something else) and advised waiting to see how things went. It slowly cleared up by itself.

However, strep throat can spread, especially to the ears, so tell your DH to keep a close eye on her.

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