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Quick advice needed - DS has had diorrhea for 16 days now :(

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isleangel Wed 01-May-13 08:01:00

Basically that is it - need to know what to do as I keep getting different stories from GPs .
DS is 7 and has had really bad diorrhea for 16 days - last week he was going 15 times during the day, and 8/9 times at night. This week he was given imodium which stopped him on Monday after 1 tablet, then yesterday it started all over again and the imodium didn't stop it this time, and when I phoned the out of hours doctors they just said to give him fluids (he has been on diarolyte from last monday - so a week and 2 days) and not to give him the imodium.

He has had 1 test which said he didn't have a bacterial infection done last week, but since that nothing. He is still eating a very restricted diet, which changes from doctor to doctor and I was told last night that I was dragging out the problem by feeding him! Even though he is starving and losing weight as evrything is going straight through him.

He is not dehydrated yet, and this is why the hospital don't want to see him - I was told last week

Am I right to push for a doctors appointment (which when I asked on Monday was told they were fully booked until tuesday afternoon, but the doctor did ring me) or should I take him to A&E. Should they be doing more tests on him? Any advice greatly appreciated as I feel like I'm the only one that's worried

narmada Wed 01-May-13 13:40:01

Yes absolutely take him back to the doctors. Is he still going to the loo as often?

They should deffo run more tests. He could, for example, have giardiasis, which would not be picked up on a screen for bacteria. They need to look specifically for the parasite that causes it.

It's ridiculous there are no doctors appointments unitl next tuesday. they must have emergency slots? Poor you and DS.

isleangel Wed 01-May-13 18:29:38

Thanks narmada

I pushed for an emergency app this morning and got one, and GP got him into hospital at lunchtime. They have done loads of tests for viruses and parasites and have sent us home again until the results come through as he is thankfully not dehydrated.

Fingers crossed we will find out whats causing it soon and maybe find a way to get it stopped smile

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