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Chilrens teeth. Braces. Falling out and all the other stuff...

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ripsishere Tue 30-Apr-13 04:07:53

My almost 12 YO DD has shocking teeth. She has a tiny jaw, but a big mouth ITMS.
Her Dad, had several teeth out when he was 12ish to allow the rest to move around. It didn't work and he has shockers.
Hers are in lovely nick, she doesn't have any cavities. She grew her first teeth all at once, we had a miserable month when she was a baby but they all came through OK.
Now, she had her four baby canines taken out in Belgium on the recommendation of an orthodontist. She hasn't lost any more and the new canines are coming through. You can see them through her gums ITMS.
She hasn't lost a single molar.
I did take her to the orthodontist here in Malaysia, he said to bring her back in a year which will be November.
Is she peculiar/unusual in her lack of tooth loss?

ripsishere Tue 30-Apr-13 04:09:02

Big teeth, as well as a big mouth cavity.
I should add, i gave her fluoride drops and tablets since she was drinking unfluorided water.
The dentist in Switzerland warned me she was in for a life of osteoporosis <thanks>

Eastpoint Tue 30-Apr-13 04:36:33

My dd1 had 4 upper molars out in October. She was 14.5 and we took her to a private orthodontist, I wanted her to be able to have braces off by the time she finished school. Her other two molars fell out the same day. My dd2 is 11.75 and told us yesterday she has a wobbly tooth. She has only lost 7 teeth so far.

ripsishere Tue 30-Apr-13 04:45:41

Thanks for that. It seems she isn't too odd after all.
I feel sorry for her TBH, all she wants is braces. Most of her friends are a couple of years into the experience and she feels left out.
I also wonder whether her lack of tooth loss is because she is quite slight in build. More childlike than her peers.

Eastpoint Wed 01-May-13 07:35:18

My dcs are all very slight, the 11.75 wears Gap aged 10 leggings jeans & they hang off her. I think that tooth loss ties in with growth spurts & puberty. The larger children definitely seem to have braces first, lots of my older dcs friends have already had their braces off.

LIZS Wed 01-May-13 08:09:11

dd is same age and also very slight build but has lost molars and recently canines. Think there is probably a genetic element.

SoupDragon Wed 01-May-13 08:13:17

I think DS2 (12) has only just started to lose molars. He is short and stocky smile

ripsishere Thu 02-May-13 01:20:39

They do all come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I'll tell her to be patient.

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