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Help with recurrent d&v in 12 month old please!

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DreamingOfAFullNightsSleep Sun 28-Apr-13 21:20:02

My DT1, 12 months old, ebf and still bf, has had diarrhoea and vomiting 5 times since February 16th. Then he had a bug, definitely, as he passed it round. Now, he seems to get it, be well for 1-2 weeks, then get it again. The d&v just restarted with avengence today after just 7 days without.

Can he really be getting viral d&v this much? Should I be thinking food intolerance? Is bf giving no protection?


Oh, and he's on ranitidine. DT2 is cows milk protein intolerant, though possibly improving, haven't dared re-challenge though. We thought DT1 had no intolerance or reflux, but ranitidine at 11 months initially stopped his vomiting with minimal crying at Bedtime Hell straight away. So he does have ? reflux, but he's been ill since- d&v, vomiting, chest infection, bilateral ear infections, d&v, one week well, d&v.

Any words of advice??/

WaitingForPancakeDay Mon 29-Apr-13 22:23:30

I think it can take ages for the tummy to settle after D&V and this might be normal. Depends on the poo. If its very pale and runny then it's likely a virus. If normal colour but runny, it could be his tummy settling down.

I also recommend getting him to drink the water you've boiled rice in. That's very settling. Have you taken him to the doc?

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