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Congenital Pneumonia, any experiences?

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KJ007 Sat 27-Apr-13 09:13:40


We have just brought our newborn home after a week in intensive care due to congenital pneumonia. Although docs and nurses have been fantastic in explaining the condition and have assured me there shouldn't be any lasting long term effects i was hoping there'd be a few mums on here that have also experienced this (not that I would wish it on anyone!!) that could share how their children are now?

The whole episode has really knocked my confidence as a parent as I didn't realise there was anything wrong until she was in respiratory distress, am also very hormonal still from the birth so feeling quite fragile.

Thanks in advance!

hellomybaby Wed 31-Jul-13 22:24:43

Hi KJ007

It sounds like we had a very similar situation to you 3 years ago with the birth of our daughter who also had congenital pneumonia, she was in respiratory distress at birth with the crash team called and transferred by ANTS ambulance to intensive care where she was for 5 days being 'cooled' for the first 36 hours and on 3 intravenous antibiotics and the in special care for another 5 days. All sorts of tests were carried out as they were concerned that she could of damaged organs, but fortunately she hadn't and she came home from hospital after 10 days and has been fine since, she has met (exceeded) all her milestones and is a very bright little girl who has had no medical issues as a result of her traumatic birth.
Hope all is going well for you as I realise that your post was 3 months ago but I had to reply as I don't know anyone else who has had congenital pneumonia. Just to add we have just had another baby whose birth had no complications at all so there is no reason to feel that it would happen again
I am happy to answer any other questions /talk more

Taylor86 Tue 10-Dec-13 12:14:46

Hello both... I also have a beautiful baby girl that was born with this. She didnt take her first breath and needed to be sent to intensive care at a different hospital to be cooled. Scans showed that there was mild brain damage but I was told that this could correct itself. She had an MRI scan at 3 weeks old and the results of this showed that this was still present. I am worrying out of my mind thinking what the future will hold for her. The consultant is happy with the developments at present and cannot see any problems as of yet. She will continue to have check ups to see if she will meet the milestones with development. I am just praying that she will be ok. It is torture worrying and thinking about all the possible what ifs! Did your babies have MRI scans? Really goo to hear that people have been the through this and had positive outcomes xx

hellomybaby Fri 07-Feb-14 13:53:04

Hi Taylor I have just seen your post, I hope that your daughter is still developing well, I know how concerning it can be. My daughter had a brain scan while she was in intensive care, I guess she probably had a MRI although there were so many tests that I am not certain, she hasn't had any more scans since leaving hospital at 10 days old, and what surprised us was that she was signed off by the consultant at 3 months old.

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