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4wo DS, induced for static growth and still no weight gain

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AlfieBear87 Thu 25-Apr-13 12:03:09

Has anyone got any experience of this? I was induced at 39+1 due to static growth. He was born at 6lb13oz and now weighs 6lb14oz 4 weeks on. He is ebf and feeds really well (latch is fine, feeding often, lots of wet and dirty nappies etc).

He had breathing difficulties at birth and was given 5 days of antibiotics incase it was an infection of some sort (none of the numerous tests they did gave a conclusive result on why he had breathing difficulties). The midwife is now saying he may have another infection which is why he's not putting weight on.

I'm so scared that the 2 are related and there's something really wrong. We've been in and out of hospital since he's been born for various things (lingering jaundice, raised calcium and phosphate levels, lack of growth etc). We have more tests booked in on Tuesday. Does anyone have any experience of this? Or any suggestions as to why he isn't putting weight on?

gordonpym Thu 25-Apr-13 13:36:38

More than weight at birth you should look at the weight your baby had when you left the hospital after birth. All babies lose weight after birth. Also being in and out from hospital is stressing for the baby as well.
And keep in mind that weight may vary from one scale to the other. Are you always using the same one on the same surface? Do you see any changes on how his clothes fit him or how you feel him?
try to offer the breast more often, even if he is not asking.

Bunbaker Thu 25-Apr-13 13:39:47

Is he still having breathing difficulties? Struggling to breathe uses up a huge number of calories. If he is still struggling with his breathing you need to see ENT specialist.

cestlavielife Thu 25-Apr-13 14:37:12

it's slow regain of birth rate but you need to look again at the raised calcium and phosphate levels - in case of metabolic disorders.

have him monitored on same scales each time and without any nappy at all.

AlfieBear87 Thu 25-Apr-13 15:50:33

It's always different scales (I assume) as we're seen by community midwives/health visitors who come to the house. But he is always weighed totally in the nude. His clothes fit the same but I thought he felt a bit heavier....but maybe that's wishful thinking.

He didn't lose any immediately after birth - left the hospital at 5 days old weighing 6lb15oz then lost an ounce in week 2 and since then has not put any on.

I'm offering the breast as often as I can - not all that easy when also accommodating my ds1 who is 17mo! But he cluster feeds in the morning and evening as well as 3 hourly the rest of the day/night.

His breathing seems fine now, occasional gaspy/squeaky fit but think that's fairly normal for newborns?

We're back into the hospital next week to re-check his calcium and phosphate levels, hopefully they've gone back to normal.

Thanks for the replies. I keep telling myself he'll be fine but then the worry creeps in again.

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