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measles vaccination..

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mummyof2kidsx Thu 25-Apr-13 09:38:52

Should my 21 month old have the 2nd vaccination. He is up to date with all of his jabs but should I request his 2nd vaccination early? Or do I just wait for the preschool booster when he is 3? x

notso Thu 25-Apr-13 09:52:45

Was wondering this for DS2 he's 2.4, my friend is taking her 3 for their first lot today they are 8, 5 and 2.9 and is going to find out for me.

Emily28 Thu 25-Apr-13 10:46:38

I don't know I would wait until the due date of the second vaccination x

Lottie4 Thu 25-Apr-13 11:10:39

From memory, my daughter had her MMR then a booster a few months later. Might be worth a call to your health visitor/doctor to check when the next one is due if you are concerned. We had a couple of cases of measles at my daughter's school at the end of last year, so it's not just confined to Wales.

beautifulgirls Thu 25-Apr-13 14:22:20

We were told the second can be given earlier yes. I would contact your GP for further advice.

notso Thu 25-Apr-13 16:21:48

Asked the HV at clinic today.
If you are not in a high risk area then the advice is to stick with the scheduled jabs, we are in North Wales.

mummyof2kidsx Thu 25-Apr-13 18:56:45

Aaah right ok. thanks! xx

ilovepowerhoop Thu 25-Apr-13 20:55:28

it will depend if there are cases in your area. The booster can be given early but it is not as urgent if you are not in an outbreak area

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