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1yo seems fine part from almost a week of *horrendous* nappies?

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leonardofquirm Wed 24-Apr-13 19:07:24

It's been about a week and DS2 has been having fairly frequent runny poo. TMI but it's been green and mucousy on and off.

He is eating fine and otherwise sleeping and behaving normally. confused

He is really teething with some first molars, but I always thought that was a bit of an old wives tale re the nappies etc. smile

His wee bum is suffering from the constant pooping and changing but I can't really think of anything to do apart from wait it out and cream up his bum. sad

amazingmumof6 Thu 25-Apr-13 02:42:21

teething is the cause of all of that, no doubt!

all of my children (6 so far) have had terrible acrid smelling poos when teething, with bottoms raw and bleeding like they just sat on a hedgehog! so you and DS have my sympathies! [smiles]

there's hope yet, here's what I do:

do not clean with wipes, it stings and aggravates the problem.
use only water and if very pooey showering him down might be easier, but don't use any soap or baby product, the best thing is a bit aqueous cream or E45 in place of soap.
if you are not at home wipe what you can off with a wet or dry piece of cloth or tissue, then use a bit of E45 again to get the rest of it off.

"airdry" his bottom and let him be without a nappy for at least 10 mins, I know it is a challenge, but try.

Most importantly put loads of Vaseline on his bottom before putting the nappy on, that is the only thing that always worked for my kiddies skin, and believe me I've tried a lot of stuff over the years!
do this at every nappy change, even if it's just pee, until the skin is healed.

at the the next teething start with the same method at the first sign of redness and hope for the best

if you know what foods would make him constipated normally, you could give him a small amount to reduce the "runnyness" and poo to skin contact to aid recovery.
wholemeal bread might do the trick or any foods with a lot of fibre that would normally plug him in will just balance things out.

for the actual teething pain I found Dentinox gel the best, you might want to avoid liquid Calpol & Nurofen, I found they badly affected the nappy content too.

good luck

leonardofquirm Fri 26-Apr-13 07:33:29

Thanks. :-)

He doesn't really do constipated, but I've heard banana might work and he likes that.

I have 2 sensitive bummed kids so we use cotton wool and water already and try to avoid wipes.

Hope this clears up soon!

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