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2 year old coughing at night

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AngryAndLost Tue 23-Apr-13 08:58:49

I wonder if anybody got this: couple days before Easter my 2 year old DD developed high temperature, runny nose, terrible night coughs- gasping for air almost. Then these symptoms dissapeared, but spots on her torso appeared. GP prescribed antibiotic for 5 days. And sort of diagnosed Chicken Pox- said, it was first day, and to watch her for spots. Spots did not turn in to puss-filled or blisters, but healed gradually, but are still visibble as pink blotches. She hasn't been ill for the last 3 weeks, just very stroppy and irritable, not eating well- not herself. Then, last saturday she got runny nose, temperature (which went down with paracetamol), night cough, sleepy- same as just before Easter. Then yesterday she got better, but at night spots on her torso appeared again. Has anybody experienced this before? Rang GP, but only got appointment for tomorrow.

Angelik Tue 23-Apr-13 09:29:18

Has she started nursery recently? I ask as that is when they pick up virus after virus (my ds was ill for 2months when he started nursery). Did the doctor explain that often when children get viruses one of the symptoms is a rash on the torso? The first time I saw it I was terrified but am now familiar with it. However, as you're worried go back to the GP and tell them the first lot didn't get scabby and show them the new lot of spots. If I were you I would see a different doctor at your practice if you can. Sounds like the first one wasn't good with firms time mums and children. I am sure all is well but half the battle sometimes is knowing what you are dealing with.

AngryAndLost Tue 23-Apr-13 11:50:21

Angelik, thank for replying. No, she did not start nursery and did not mix with children at all recently. I am 35 weeks pregnant and had similar symptoms as DD about 2 weeks ago, was given some antiviral meds by dr, who suspected ChickPox, but I was seen only on the first day when my spots appeared, and it was too early to tell if they were CP or not. My spots did not become filled with fluid either, same, as my DD, and I just assumed that she had light case of CP, and I did not develop full-blown CP because of the antiviral med. BTW, 2 weeks ago, hospital ran some tests on me, and found no antibodies from CP in my blood, although, my mother is addamant, that I had the CP in childhood.

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