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Tummy Ache and Nose Bleeds

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MyHusbandRoy Mon 22-Apr-13 13:50:17

My 3.5yr old dd has been complaining of tummy ache since last year.

The first time she had an episode I took her to the drs and she had a temp of 40+, tummy ache (bladder area) and something in her urine (cells?).

Because of all the above symptoms the Dr diagnosed a UTI , precribed a course of antibiotics and sent her urine away to be tested.

The results came back negative for any UTI.

Her tummy then settled down a bit but a trip to dr's for ear infection showed up cells (?) - I'd taken a urine sample in for her as I felt something wasn't quite right.

In October last year her tummy ache started again so I took her back to Dr's. There was nothing in her urine apart from the cells (?) again. This was the 3rd time these had shown up in her urine so Dr decided to refer her.

We had to wait until late January for her appointment at the hospital.

The hospital Dr seemed unconcerned and checked her over including her 'bits' which all looked healthy.

He seemed to think it was more bowel then bladded related and prescribed movicol for her. She does a poo everyday so I had no idea she might be constipated!

We're returning back to the hospital at the end of may.

My dd is still not right with her tummy and she even had a very mucousy poo in her bed time nappy.

She's started getting nosebleeds as well.

If she was seriously ill (I'm worrying about leukemia as she has tummy ache and nose bleeds) would I realise? She hasn't lost any weight and still has a 'toddler' tummy which the gp said was normal.

Should I push for a blood test or anything else?

Sorry this is so long.

MyHusbandRoy Mon 22-Apr-13 13:52:34

I forgot to say that the hospital Dr had requested that we keep a food diary for dd to go through at her May appointment.

Do you think he may be thinking food allergies?

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