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Tweet2tweet Sun 21-Apr-13 20:05:57

I just got out of hospital with my 10 day old. She has para flu. I'm very scared that this could develop into something worse. Does anyone know anything about it? Are there any long term affects to a newborn getting it?
Any advice for exhausted and anxious mum really appreciated.

tholeon Sun 21-Apr-13 21:01:57

Hi my baby had this at four months old, it is a virus that in most people would cause a bad cold. He was pretty ill, in picu, but that was because he was born with a very rare birth defect. I googled furiously afterwards so know a but about it, I assume that your baby was in hospital with it because she had bronciolitus? This is common in babies and they are almost always fine, no long term effects, some suggest a link to asthma but not certain. Talk to your doctor if worried.

toomuchpizza Sun 21-Apr-13 21:25:01

Hi, my youngest boy had paraflu at 6 months which caused bronchiolitis. As tholeon said it normally causes a bad cold and you only tend to know its paraflu you've got if you have to be admitted to hospital and they test for it. My son spent a week on oxygen but had no lasting effects. There's a bit of info on the NHS page here

He had 6 hospital admissions in his first 6 months with bronchiolitis. The first time was the worst when he had RSV (causes most cases of bronchiolitis) at a week old and was very poorly spending a week on a ventilator in PICU and although he recovered well he did seem prone to bronchiolitis and wheeziness afterwards. His consultant put that down to the severity of his RSV infection and tissue damage due to ventilation being so invasive. His airways seemed to be very sensitive for a long time after. It didn't help that he has two older brothers that were constantly bringing bugs home from school and nursery so he wasn't getting time to get over one virus before getting another.

He's now 17 months and is doing really well. He has inhalers but we haven't had to use them for a while. His consultant has discharged him for the moment but expects him to develop asthma when he's older but that is more due to strong family history of asthma/excema than his previous illnesses.

I hope that's helpful. I read somewhere that paraflu is the second most common reason for babies/toddlers being admitted to hospital with breathing problems (behind RSV), certainly when we were in with it there were a few others in too. Do talk to your doctor if you are worried. I'm sure you are exhausted so remember to look after yourself too and I hope your wee one gets better soon. x

Tweet2tweet Mon 22-Apr-13 09:56:19

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I am sorry to hear that your babies were unwell, it is good to hear that they have recovered now though. It's a very humbling and sad time being in a children's hospital. I am to keep an eye on dd to see if symptoms become worse. She just wants to be cuddled all of the time. I of course don't mind that at all but it is tough through the night.
However just grateful that she is home and safe

toomuchpizza Tue 23-Apr-13 09:11:25

How is she now? I hope she's feeling better. Was she in hospital long? I know how exhausting it is. When my ds came out of picu we stayed in hospital for another week and he fed every hour day and night for that week. I couldn't put him down and was like a zombie! Ive been thinking of you a lot.

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