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OK to visit newborn if you have an eye infection?

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aufaniae Sun 21-Apr-13 12:13:23

I had a lovely baby girl on Wednesday.

My Dad was due to come stay yesterday, but he got an eye infection, and didn't come for fear of giving it to the baby. Today, it seems to be getting better, does anyone know when it will be OK for him to come see us, given that eye infections can be very infectious?! Do we have to wait till all symptoms are gone completely?

The eye infection appeared on Weds / Thurs. He started in anti-biotic drops drops on Friday. The infection seemed to turn a corner yesterday and it's much better today, the discharge has lessened although it's still there sometime e.g. he still has gunk in mornings and it's a bit weepy from time to time.

My Dad has asked me if he should come tonight or put it off for another day.

He's due to stay till Saturday (my mum's here already, they've hired a holiday let down the road, which he is missing), so plenty of opportunity to pass on an infection, it's not like it's just a visit for a couple of hours. The idea is they make a big fuss of DS and help out where they can.

DP is currently studying, and his finals are coming up so he's not able to take any paternity leave at all (great timing on our part!) so the help is much appreciated, although I don't want to make DD ill!


aufaniae Sun 21-Apr-13 12:47:55

Hopeful bump smile

Moomoomie Sun 21-Apr-13 12:57:21

Personally, I would wait for another day or two. It is not worth the risk to a tiny baby.

aufaniae Sun 21-Apr-13 13:14:15

Thanks for the reply smile

Do you know, what is the risk exactly?

When DS was little a friend wanted to visit with a cold sore and I told her no, as the first time a baby gets a coldsore (the herpes virus basically!) it can be dangerous.

Is an eye infectious actually dangerous in the same way, or just an annoyance?

PearlyWhites Sun 21-Apr-13 13:24:50

You can contract meningitis from conjunctivitis but it's very rare.

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