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refusing mmr-selfish to put others at risk?

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racheael76 Sat 20-Apr-13 23:23:18

with the lastest measles outbreak in wales many still are not being vaccinated against mmr.i have a young child and worry for the future if everyone had the mmr it would make three diseases history/extint.with people not protecting their loved ones these diseases are making a comeback.people with cancer ,low immune systems due to serious health problems eg transplant patients, and pregnant ladies and newborn babies are at the future it could be my daughter in law who is pregnant (lets say her mum didnt give her the mmr injection) she caught rubella known as german measles it could cause our grandchild to be stillborn or brain damage or heart defects/loss of hearing/bith the mmr does effect other people not just the person who is not vaccinated.

if my mum didnt give me the jab when i was younger i would be worried if i was pregnant with the outbreak.i would think she was selfish,thoughtless.if my baby had a problem i would think my mum could have prevented this by giving me the mmr.i wonder how my mum would feel.
on the other side some dont want to risk autism or mercury ,poison injected into their child they love.
what are your views is it selfish not to give mmr?

triballeader Sun 21-Apr-13 14:35:53

I live no where near a known outbreak or an isolated case.
My daughter could not have the MMR [benign bone tumors but under oncology] nothing to do with having two older brothers on the Autistic Spectrum. My eldest was clearly autistic [kanners] from day 1; my younger son was 'odd' from birth [aspergers]. Eldest had full set of immunisations; youngest had each one individually due to severe allergic reactions to foods like egg.
My daughter managed to catch measles. I queried the HPA and our GP how she could have managed that; the virus is carried by humans- all humans- its only if it finds it way into a person with no immunity that it can get going. Herd immunity [95%] uptake of MMR helps to reduce the likelihood of an isolated case developing into a full blown outbreak.

After seeing my husband collapse and nearly die form a childhood illness I am more worried about adults who have not had MMR or the old measles jab, or measles when younger as they are the ones most at risk of complications from rubella, rubeola and parotitis.

Would MMR stop all cases of measles? - doubtful given humans are its hidey hole of choice until it can meet a human it can party away in; should everyone have MMR?- again doubtful but I do advocate that medical advice is saught so parents can make the best informed choice for them and their child.

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