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Can susceptibility to tonsilitus and ENT problems be hereditary??

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DaisyFlower123 Sat 20-Apr-13 21:26:29

As a child I had tonsilitus 27 times over a period of three years and countless ENT problems, at the age of 5 my tonsils and adanoids were removed. I still get lots of ear and sinus issues.

DS is now suffering from his second bout of tonsilitus coupled with an ear infection (his third so far) and he is only 26 months old. Is this just coincedence or have I passed this on to him and therefore need to think about an operation to remove his tonsils sooner rather than later. This isn't an idea I relish!

amazingmumof6 Sun 21-Apr-13 00:59:24

I'm no expert but I personally think yes, possibly.

I had loads of ear infections when I was little, had my ears syringed many times, sinuses syringed also. countless times I had tonsillitis, the summer I had then taken out I had tonsillitis 6 times, literally every other week, back to back.

I have chronic sinusitis, and lots of ENT problems.

my kids have had lads of ear-infections and tonsillitises, my eldest had to be off school for 10 days recently due to severe sinusitis.

my mum's also a sufferer and so was my dad of most things ENT (they are /were both heavy smokers, which I think is the culprit for them and for me also as a secondary smoker)

I would hold off the op just yet, as some ear infections etc. are "reasonable"and expected, but if he has say 3 more episodes before turning 3 I'd consider the operation.

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