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7 month old: bad breath, constipation, not sleeping.

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Nightfall1983 Fri 19-Apr-13 09:06:12

DS is cows milk protein intolerant and reluxy, he is on Neocate formula milk (prescription) and Gaviscon bath of which cause constipation so we are well versed in it. Generally he copes fine with his constipation, having one bowel movement a day which is a very solid compared to other 7 month olds but doesn't bother him so we let him get on with it. Occasionally he gets 'backed up' and needs a hand, he doesn't tolerate lactulose well so we have infant suppositories from the GP and they work well usually a couple of days together him back on track. That's the back story.

About 10 days ago he started to get constipated, I gave him th e suppositories for a few days but then (presumably unrelated) he had a stomach bug with d and v for 2-3 days. As his d and v ended his constipation returned, he has also got really bad breath now which I've heard can be related? Also he is both napping and sleeping terribly, he seems really uncomfortable and wakes up crying every 20 mins or so. Any advice? Could it be teeth? I'm tempted to go to the GP (Especially as its Friday today ) but don't think they'll do much with so few symptoms...

Nightfall1983 Fri 19-Apr-13 09:07:12

(Sorry for typos, iPad)

Nightfall1983 Fri 19-Apr-13 11:58:09

No one huh? Ok have made appt with doc for this afternoon, I don't suppose they will be able to do anything but hopefully will check his ears and throat and rule out infection...

amidaiwish Fri 19-Apr-13 12:00:27

Yes go to the GP.
My DD had movicol which was fab at regulating her poo. Lactulose just made it sticky.
Is he drinking enough water? Obvious I know but my DDs need to drink much more than others to stay regular.

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