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LJC123 Thu 18-Apr-13 11:01:07


My 5 month old baby boy was in hospital yesterday. He has had sickness and diarrhea for a week but woke in the night, ice cold, screaming and with a sunken soft spot. He was badly dehydrated even though I'd been giving him dioralyte and lots of water. He is a happy little boy and you wouldn't even know he was poorly!

Anyway, we are back home now and the doctor said to replace milk with dioralyte and give small amounts of milk when he gets really hungry. The thing is, I've tried giving him an ounce or two of formula but they are still giving him bad runny nappies :-/

Do you think it would be worth buying some lactose free formula?

AFingerofFudge Thu 18-Apr-13 14:00:20

I'm not sure about the lactose free formula (in terms of whether or not it would help) but in my experience (3 dc's) whenever they are ill with any sort of stomach thing the runny poo thing seems to last ages even after they're better.
not sure this helps, but just my experience

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