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Allergic Rash that looks just like stinging nettle rash on 20month olds?

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silverangel Wed 17-Apr-13 16:47:19

I have 20mo twins. One had lots of problems with eczema up until she was one but it disappeared (and didn’t seem to be food related) and has never come back and the other one has never had any skin problems.
Took them to a farm last Friday DT2 put her hand in a flower bed and came up in what looked like a stinging nettle rash on her hand, she wasn’t bothered by it all, we assumed it was a nettle sting. She has since been out in the garden since we have finally got some good weather and it has happened again, Sunday was on her knees and hands and today my mum says she has it under her eyes and DT1 has it too.
It looks exactly like nettle rash, red skin with raised white lumps, doesn’t seem to itch or be painful and goes away after a couple of hours.
Does anyone know anything specifically that causes a rash like this? It doesn’t look like hives according to Dr Google.
Do I need to take them to the GP?
I'm going to put this in the allergies section too but thjought there may be more traffic here!

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