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Kafri Mon 15-Apr-13 21:28:22

Hi guys,

quick question...

my friend is/was going to call round either tomorrow or wednesday. Her 1 year old has CP at the minute. I have a 16 week old. Obviously she won't be bringing the 1 year old with her.

I have no desire for my 16 week old to have CP just yet - should I ask her to stay away til her little un is better or is it safe for her to visit.

Silly question but what are the rules?

Ta x

Skygirls Mon 15-Apr-13 22:41:55

CP is transmitted by droplet infection ( when you cough/sneeze/saliva etc) from an infected person and also the fluid in the blisters is extremely contagious.

Has she had CP before?

If she has, then I think it's ok for her to visit. Just get her to disinfect hands when she arrives.

If she hasn't, she could be infected but not show any signs of it, but would possibly be contagious.

If you are at all worried, just be honest with her and say that you're anxious about your baby getting ill, so please can you postpone the visit?

She'll understand. Anyone with really small children can appreciate you wanting to take precautions against your baby getting sick, even if its a really small chance.

QOD Mon 15-Apr-13 22:47:19

Do not intentionally expose your child to chicken pox, if they catch it unknowingly, that's one thing.

My dn was 2.2 and left severely disabled by cp which attacked her cerebellum (she had just had the mmr too) after being intentionally exposed,

I know you didn't plan to, but just a word of warning!

You should be fine with your friend I would think?

MyDarlingClementine Tue 16-Apr-13 12:54:06


If your worried just ask her to steer clear, its two week incubation so steer well clear for a while as her 1 year old may have caught it at any point.

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