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Anybody had a baby that had blood sugar issues?? Advice/help/share your story please?

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Trishstar Mon 15-Apr-13 16:22:15

DS was born at 37+5 on march 31st. I had gone in for monitoring for reduced movement and he wasn't happy heart rate was constantly in 170's and he wasn't moving so I had an EMCS .

Anyway he spent the first night on labour ward with me and made a few little attempts to latch but didn't feed properly. He was cupfed formula and MW checked his blood sugar levels in the morning and they were under the cut off of 2.6mmols.

He was taken to SCBU and is still there now.

He ended up having a long line in and had to have 15% glucose and was fed C&G nutri prem milk thru an NG tube hourly. Slowly he was dropped down from the 15% to 12.5%, then 10%, then just to nutri prem. and gradually mil by mil he feeds were changed from nutri prem to my EBM. Then we had to go from hourly feeds to 2 hours to 3 hours to 4 hours. Yesterday he fed when he wanted!

Sorry to waffle on I just wondered if anyone had anything similar happen and what was the outcome? Both short and/or long term?

Because he was given such a high calorie intake obviously he put weight on, as he changed to EBM he lost it (was still above birthweight tho) and now we have to see if he gains tomorrow as to if he can come home xx

tangledupinpoo Mon 15-Apr-13 23:08:45

Congratulations on your new DS first of all! What a worry that you've had these blood sugar problems.

My DS had blood sugar issues when he was born - though not as severe initially as your DS. He was born (induced) at 38 weeks after my waters went, had meconium in them and then he was scanned and measured as a 31 week baby. He was 4.5 pounds, so IUGR, and we were warned about blood sugar.

I was told to feed him at least every 3 hours, to top up with formula after every breast feed, and they wanted to test his blood sugar before and after every feed but I wouldn't let them hmm . (I don't think I realised how serious it could be and was full of all the 'nature knows best' guff which had been totally fine for my healthy daughter's birth 2 years earlier.)

They did still test for blood sugar though not as often and he was obviously never low enough to have to go to scbu.

Ours is a fairly long story and he does have other health issues which probably aren't relevant, but blood sugar is still an issue, particularly when he is ill and not eating.

However, for you, for the moment, I would maybe suggest, don't let him go for more than 3 hours without a feed, and if he is ill in his first few months, look out for low blood sugar signs and act very quickly on them. (My ds has a very obvious clamminess to his skin and is very difficult to rouse.)

What was your DS's weight? Was he the expected weight for 37+5? I ask because IUGR babies can often have problems with blood sugar. I hope he keeps maintaining his weight and you get to go home soon!

doublecakeplease Mon 15-Apr-13 23:13:36

My DS had low blood sugar and llo
od pressure as a result of my blood pressure meds. He was also an emcs at 34+6. Congratulations on your arrival :-)

chima Mon 15-Apr-13 23:25:40

ds born at 39wks. emcs following reduced movements. Fetal-maternal haemorrhage. Low blood sugar for weeks due to rubbish liver function. He couldn't store fat properly or break down fat/glycogen stored in his liver properly so he was essentially living off the sugar from his last feed. It fixed itself in the end but it took a while and he had millions of tests for metabolic disorders

Trishstar Tue 16-Apr-13 00:43:54

Thanks for the replies ladies x I don't feel so alone now!

He was born at 6lb11.5oz so weight wasn't an issue.

Hope this is self resolving. He has had lots of tests and things have been ruled out so far which is good!

My BP had been high a few times during preg (never treated tho) and was high when I came in and after birth (which it was then treated and I'm still on labetalol) xxx

doublecakeplease Tue 16-Apr-13 06:57:00

Are you bf?? I was on massive doses of labetolol and another med which i can't remember the name of. My son was really ill and it was put down to 'maternal use of labetolol'. It's the maternal bp drug of choice and i was told it was safe to bf. It is safe for most babies apparently but wasn't for mine.

I had to fight to get them to accept that it could be the issue (blood pressure, temp, LFT, blood sugar through the floor). I stopped bf and he picked up overnight after 2 weeks as the mystery baby. The consultant said he'd seen 2 cases in Newcastle too.

my baby was only 3lb 7 though so couldn't cope with the meds. Yours may be able to but worth checking?

Trishstar Tue 16-Apr-13 10:10:10

Interesting doublecake will ask about it! It is that I'm on but only after delivering xx

doublecakeplease Wed 17-Apr-13 17:38:46

Hope your little one has picked up now :-)

Trishstar Wed 17-Apr-13 23:13:45

We came home finally! We came back last night after 16 days in hospital xx

Still awaiting results from some tests xxxx

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