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Quick chickenpox question - holiday tomorrow!

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fatsamsgrandslam Fri 12-Apr-13 06:55:08

I have a quick long do the spots stay itchy for?

DS has had chickenpox but spots have all dried now. Taking him too docs for 'fit to fly' certificate today as we fly out on holiday tomorrow.

The spots were itching a bit last night so gave him some piriton. Will they remain itchy this week? Should I pack piriton? I am having to be super frugal on packing weight as we're flying Ryanair - but will take some if they are likely to still itch. I thought the itching stopped as soon as they scabbed over.

Shattereddreams Fri 12-Apr-13 07:06:10

I would take it. And some moisteriser.
But where are you going, buy it there?

fatsamsgrandslam Fri 12-Apr-13 07:14:47

We're not going anywhere far flung, only Spain, so could buy some there i suppose. If I know to expect his spots to still itch then I'll squeeze in our bottle - but should they still be itching?

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