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Fever, blisters and rash, Dr's can't diagnose - anyone had this?

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laverneandshirl Tue 09-Apr-13 11:54:37

Both kids (under 6) have this. One caught from the other and it has followed same pattern.

First of all a few red spots on the body, arms and legs. Then a raging fever for a few days during which a few blisters (about 20 max) form on face, chest and legs. The blisters then crust over and a further red pin pricky rash develops all over torso, arms and legs. This rash has lasted weeks and is causing havoc with DC1's eczema. DC2 also had nasty chest infection during fever stage.

It is really doing my head in as I've taken the kids variously to 4 different GP's and none of them have been able to give firm diagnosis.

It's not hand, foot and mouth as no sores in mouth, or on palms or soles of feet. GP said not chicken pox as blisters aren't the same. Not scarlet fever (GP checked mouth) or slapped cheek as DC2 had slapped cheek in January.

Wondered if anyone else has had something similar recently? I would really like to know how long the secondary rash is going to last so that have an idea about the affect on DC1's eczema.

Roll on spring - this never ending winter a nightmare for illness!

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