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Advice on possible wart

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completelybonkers Tue 09-Apr-13 10:17:57

DS fell in playground at school in January during a Games lesson and grazed his knee; nobody cleaned it at the time and it was several days before I noticed it. It looked and felt as if there was a piece of grit in it but it wouldn't budge so took him to Minor Injuries to check it out. Nurse confirmed something was definitely stuck but advised to leave well alone and it would come out by itself in a few weeks.

Needless to say it didn't, so got GP to have a look; she thought the grit had "caused" it to turn into a wart [I had no idea this was possible] and recommended an OTC remedy. It's done nothing and despite being warned not to touch it at all, DS scratched it in bed because it was itching. Part of the scab/wart has come off with what looks and feels like the piece of grit but the rest of the scabby/warty "lump" remains. Any advice what to do now?? If it is a wart, has he made it more likely to spread by picking part of it off???


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