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3yo DD with yet another UTI type thing

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mintymellons Mon 08-Apr-13 11:12:29


I've posted before about my DD2 who's been getting UTI symptoms on and off since December. She's had three lots of ABs since then (is on them again now) and her lab cultures have come back with varying results including one positive for bacteria, two with no bacteria and two with mixed growth/contamination.

Each time her only symptom is urinary pain (though this time she also had some visible blood in her urine). Her symptoms improve greatly as soon as she starts the ABs. The dipsticks always show white blood cells and trace blood, but nothing else.

Anyway, she has been referred to the paediatric urologist but her appt isn't til June! I'm worried about her to manage her in the meantime.

I'm also confused as to how her lab culture can show no growth, when there is clearly something not right and she responds to ABs.

Has anyone else got any thoughts/tips/advice? I'd be so grateful.

frazmum Tue 09-Apr-13 10:04:26

Sorry cannot help re the lab results but that is a lot of UTIs in a few months. Have been thru this with my DD & niece (plumbing in our family isn't that great). As you are probably aware UTI's can cause kidney & bladder problems. I think you need to go back to GP and ask if they can get an earlier appmt due to ongoing issues. Also contact consultants office, explain what's happening and ask if they can get an earlier slot. Or even if they could give you an appmt when there's been a cancellation. My niece was also put on low level AB's to ward off infections. And with both girls we had fortnightly samples done as some infections don't show symptons.

mintymellons Tue 09-Apr-13 13:37:19

Thanks Fraz.

I've told GP that we will take a cancellation and she was going to put that on her referral letter, but perhaps I should chase too.

The problem we seem to have is that the dipstick only ever shows leukocytes and blood and as I said above the lab tests have only confirmed one actual positive growth for bacteria. If it wasn't for the fact that she responds so quickly to ABs, I'd be doubtful that she does have infections, but I can't think what else it could be.

I'm taking another sample to the GP next week to make sure it's clear, but I'm fully expecting that the dipstick will still show leukocytes and trace blood, as they always seems to be there.

Do you mind me asking how things progressed with your DD and niece? Are they grown out of it now?

mintymellons Fri 12-Apr-13 09:35:07

Just an update.

She's been off the ABs for two days and is currently fine, but her urine dipstick is still showing a trace of white blood cells. This is after a 7 day course of ABs!

I tried calling the hospital to push her appointment forward but they said no.

I'm going to keep a regular check on her urine (we have dipsticks at home) and will get her to GP sharpish if anything changes.

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