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Postviral 3yo or should I be worried (more than I already am)

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ohmystars Sat 06-Apr-13 22:09:24

3yo DS was poorly roughly 10 days ago. Vomiting, shivers, sleepy, fever, no appetite, etc. Diagnosis was unclear but he was given penicillin which seemed to clear everything up.

Yesterday when I picked him up from DM after work DM mentioned that he was very tired and she couldn't even get her shopping done as he was literally curled on the pavement outside Sainsburys sobbing to go home. When we got home he didn't eat any dinner, didn't want a bath, didn't want to play. He just sobbed brokenhearted and tired sounding - know when they sound completely worn out? He eventually went to bed at 6:30 after tearfully begging to go up. He had no story, just PJs and asleep before his head hit the pillow. He felt really hot and was sleeping fitfully with lots of waking up to cry so we gave him Calpol around 10ish.

Today he's been bright enough but definitely not himself. He's usually the type to be tearing around the place at a million miles a minute whereas he's been relatively quiet (for him). He barely touched his lunch and didn't eat anything at all at dinner. By 6 o'clock he was again weeping with tiredness and begging to go to bed. We took him up and he asked for a story, two pages in and he started crying and asked to go to sleep. I've just been up to check on him and he's again hot, his cheeks are bright pink and his breathing rate is slightly raised. I haven't given him anything for it (yet) as I don't like to medicate too much and I don't want to wake him.

I'm a born worrier and I'm concerned because he's not usually ill. He's had more than his for share of doctor visits but they're usually for injuries he's managed to inflict on himself when playing rough and tumble. He's usually very active and robust so it's hard seeing him wrecked and exhausted. He's been complaining about pains in his legs too and was crying over them earlier. Could he be growing? I thought growing pains were a myth. Or could he be post viral from his illness last week? I was thinking of getting DH to pop him to the doctor on Monday but don't know if there would be any point as the GP will probably dismiss it as one of those things.

nextphase Sun 07-Apr-13 13:44:13

Not really much advice, but we too were like this after Christmas. One day fine but subdued, next day raging temp, or vomiting.
Took about a month to be completely clear - tho after the first week, life was manageable, if we took things slow.

AB's did nothing, it was just time that was needed.

Hope your LO gets better soon - it was horrible, and he ate so little, he actually lost weight.

ohmystars Sun 07-Apr-13 15:49:46

I wonder if it could be a similar issue with him. He seems great today, his usual self. He's spent the last hour trying to persuade his sister to climb into the laundry basket so that she can get washed hmm

tazmo Sun 07-Apr-13 16:54:29

He might have a resurgence of what he had. Ds1 had recurring tonsillitis so get him checked out again.

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