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Alopecia or just pulled out hair

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Tanktop Thu 04-Apr-13 23:55:11

Basically I am looking for advise from anyone who has experience of alopecia.

Roughly a month ago while brushing my dds hair I discovered a small bald patch at the crown of her head. My initial fear was alopecia which I suffered with for a period in my childhood. I was lucky as I only ever had two patches each around the size of a 10p which grew back fairly quickly. To be honest I can hardly remember it.

When I first noticed the patch it was very smooth and roughly the size of a fingertip. My first thought was to make an appointment with our GP but my DH wanted to wait to see if it improved before jumping to conclusions.

Anyway I have been keeping a eye on it without trying to freak her out and it doesnt appear to have got any bigger and now instead of feeling smooth it feels jaggy like small hairs may be growing back. The thing is the patch still looks pretty bald so any hairs growing back must be very fine. I have discretly tried to check over the rest of her head and so far thankfully haven't found any other bald patches.

If this was alopecia do you think this would now feel jaggy or would have remained the same size? If the hair had been pulled out(which is possible as her sister is a hair puller) do you think the patch would have shown more signs of re growth after 4 weeks.

Like I said it still looks bald but feels jaggy. If I look really closely I can see tiny spikes of fine fine hair.

Do you think I should bit the bullet and take her to see a GP or hold off a few more weeks to see if the fine hair comes in thicker.

I don't want to worry her if there is nothing to worry about. DD is 8 and can get upset easily.

Sorry for the longer than necessary post. Thanks

anonymosity Fri 05-Apr-13 01:17:52

I cannot speak to you about alopecia but I can speak to you as someone who has had chunks of hair pulled out (long time ago, details unnecessary). It took a VERY long time for the hair to start growing back in - probably 4 to 6 weeks.
This may have no bearing on your situation though and I hope someone more helpful comes along.

Tanktop Fri 05-Apr-13 07:31:04

thanks. I am hoping the hair has been pulled and it isnt alopecia.

Tanktop Fri 05-Apr-13 12:25:48


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