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*New 2 Mumsnet* My 4 month old son has severe Reflux and Asthma:(

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IpsyUpsyDaisyDoo Thu 04-Apr-13 21:10:57

Hi all, my 4 month old little boy Teddy, has been suffering with Reflux since he was born, hes been on Zantac, Donperidone and Gaviscon for over 2 months. His symptoms eased about a month ago and i really felt like he was turning a corner, he turned out to be a very happy cheeky baby boy. He fell into a good routine and had a couple of good weeks sleeping but last week he developed a wheeze and that turned into a cough and that turned into him choking up bile and struggling with his breathingsad I took him to the doctors Tuesday and i was told he has asthma, i was expecting it to be a common cold or chest infection, i have took him back today as his symptoms havent subsided after being given the Steroids and an Inhaler. The doctor has assured me its definately asthma but humoured me by giving him anti-biotics anyway incase there is an infection there that he cant hear. As i write this i can hear him wheezing from across the room, it sounds like hes whistling! The only way i can get him to sleep longer than 10 minutes is by sitting him upright in his stroller, but the coughing disturbs him and he wakes tired. The most i can get him to have in a feed is 2oz (a lot of feeds will only be a couple of mouthfulls) and thats been the case for nearly a week, compared to the 7oz bottles ive been making up since his reflux calmed down its not a lot at all. The doctor didnt seem phased by this at all, but Teddy is! Il give him a bottle and hel start sucking on it like hes starving but then hel just scream, it reminds me of the first signs of his reflux again and its horrible. Its daunting thinking that hel have asthma for the rest of his life, ive had it since i was a baby and i hate that in one way or another it will probably always be there. Im hoping that like his reflux it will calm down and hel turn another corner once hes settled on his inhaler, which is actually really difficult to give him, he has a spacer with a face mask but he screams and pulls away, the doctor said to just hold it over his face which i do because he needs it but i feel so cruel because its distressing him. Anyway i dont really have a question, i suppose im just looking to offload to other parents that mite possibly have been in my place and look for some reassurance?? It breaks my heart seeing him struggle daily, he also has a hernia in his bellybutton and has been constipated for 2 weeks which to be fair i think is half the problem with him feeding! Ive given him water with juice from an orange as advised by my health visitor but that doesnt seem to work unfortunately. It really has been one thing after another since he was born, my other son Reggie whos nearly 2 was and is a perfectly healthy happy toddler, i can say hes had 2 colds so Teddy having all these problems has been unexpected and definately challenging. Id appreciate any advise or comments that may help with any of these issues, thanks for listening guyssmile

Liara Thu 04-Apr-13 21:16:15

Don't dispair for the rest of his life. Reflux can, and often does, cause short-term respiratory problems as the baby inhales some of the acid reflux.

The fact that you have asthma would indicate that he is more at risk of having it, which may be why the gp preferred to err on the side of caution and give him the meds.

I would consider getting a second opinion from an expert in reflux. Ds1 who had severe reflux also developed a hernia, it was from crying so hard sad. Once we had the reflux under control it did not recur. Reflux has enormous potential for causing secondary complications.

The good news is that your ds is now 4 months old, and can start solids soon. They can be really life changing for refluxy babies. Have you been given advice on early weaning?

IpsyUpsyDaisyDoo Thu 04-Apr-13 23:34:53

hi there thanks for your reply, my health visitor said that the reflux should ease when he starts solids because itl weigh down in his stomach, but she doesnt think i should start until 6 months! Reggie was on solids by 4 months so im keen to start Teddy but i dont want to if its likely to cause him anymore problems.Seems like shes given me some conflicting advice, What would you suggest?

Liara Fri 05-Apr-13 20:55:10

I would really, really suggest that you find yourself someone with some experience in dealing with babies with reflux and have them help you through it. It is completely outside the remit of an HV, she can't possibly be expected to help you through this.

Have you mostly been dealing with a GP? Can you push for a referral to a paed?

Reflux is generally not that well understood, but finding someone who really does can make all the difference. You may have to push and push to get to that person, though.

eragon Sat 06-Apr-13 14:21:38

I 2nd the idea to be reffered to a pead.

what formula are you using , fully or partially changed milk protien?

how is his weight gain, sleep , and skin?

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