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tummy bug in 3yo - how to relieve tummy pain?

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allag Thu 04-Apr-13 16:12:29

DD2 is on day 3 of what immediately looked like a tummy bug (one vomitting espisode, then a few episodes of very watery diarrhea), and now her elder sister has it too so seems fairly certain. She was fine-ish on Day 1 (it was just starting and she was happy for most of the day even though vomitted once), then slept a lot yesterday and had a mild fever (and another 2 or 3 episodes of diarrhea), but today she seems to have episodes of really bad tummmy pain where she screams and screams. It seems she is quite gassy and i am wondering if it is wind, and how to help....she is also clutching her bottom a lot. Only been to the loo once (diarrhea) but she seemed to work very hard to get it out. i am abroad at the moment so haven't been to doctor's but am wondering at what point to get her seen and also what, if anything, can be done to relieve the pain when she has one of her cramps - she gets very, very distressed with them? Have given her nurofen for the temp but that does not seem to give any relief for the pain. Many many thanks - sorry for the length

FireOverBabylon Thu 04-Apr-13 16:17:43

I don't know what the temperatur'es like where you are, but have you tried a hot water bottle on her tummy?

Lastyearsmodel Thu 04-Apr-13 16:21:02

Give para for any temp as ibuprofen can be harsh on tummies. And hot water bottle as previous poster says. Rubbing her tummy clockwise can also help.

allag Thu 04-Apr-13 16:31:35

thank you. Will have to try to find a hot water bottle and paracetamol (am in my parents place in Russia, somewhat stranded, and they only had ibuprofen) but will try and get both. have been rubbing the tummy - she has been demanding I do, endlessly, the poor thing. sad thanks again

Lastyearsmodel Thu 04-Apr-13 23:29:58

Oh, poorly and away from home - poor you and dd. Hope all is better soon.

allag Fri 05-Apr-13 09:43:00

elder DD seems to have shrugged it off but DD2 is still poorly - what i am confused about is that if she hadn't been having diarrhea i would have thought she is constipated!! She still has bouts of tummy ache and also clutches her bum a lot and hasn't been to the loo since yesterday morning. She seems terrified of going on the loo at the moment (never normally) and nothing comes out. the bottom clutching makes me wonder what is going on and how i can help... sad she looks so, so unhappy.

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