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Movicol - sorry can't find the answers in the other threads...

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missmakesstuff Wed 03-Apr-13 21:38:49

Hi - have scanned a good amount of the other threads but can't find what I am looking for - DD is nearly 3 and for some time had been pooing only twice a week, very large poos, not hard but she did get very upset whilst doing them, crying etc. We tried a few over the counter things and prune juice etc, finally went to doc for Movicol. She had a week of one sachet a day, however a bit hit and miss as she hates the taste. She did a couple of soft poos, one every other day, seemed happy enough. The last week was a bit crazy and she wasn't sleeping well, so hasn't had any for about 5/6 days.
She has now however been soiling her pants almost constantly the last few days. little bits of poo, very soft, she doesn't even know she is doing it. She does this about 4 times a day at the worst.
I am going to make an appointment at the GP I think, but not sure if this is normal, should I try to get her to take the sachet (no idea how, she is vehement she won't have it no matter how it is disguised) and keep this up for a while longer, will the soiling settle when she is totally cleared out - I am really not sure what to do for the best. She has today been telling me her bottom hurts - I think this is the soft poo, maybe being acidic, and the fact that she isn't telling me and I am relying on smell to know she has pooed.
Hope someone with more experience can help with some advice!

Melfish Wed 03-Apr-13 21:44:55

Go to the GP, we did for DD (now 5) and were referred to the Continence Nurse, who was very helpful. DD was using movicol and sodium docusate. It took about 6 months use to get her doing regular bowel movements, instead of the massive poo twice a week and pebbles throughout the day. Still have a few on/off problems now but usually give her a sachet of movicol daily to help her go when she eventually does go. Have mixed it with orange juice /dilute lemonade in the past to help get it down as it is quite salty tasting.
Have a look in the potty training topics as IIRC there were a few threads on movicol there.

missmakesstuff Wed 03-Apr-13 21:58:43

Thanks - just seen a thread where someone used sugar free crusha so I might give that a go, it is very salty, I tasted it - you would think they could do something to make it more palatable! I think having had a further look I need to keep it up for longer.

acrabadabra Wed 03-Apr-13 22:11:22

It sounds like overflow. So she is impacted and the soiling is just the little, softer bits getting round the blockage.
Gp is best obviously but I would suggest you might need to get a few sachets a day down to get rid of it and then slowly decrease it to a maintenance dose. Took ds nearly 3 weeks of 4x a day. He'd not gone for 6 days before we started the movicol and was writhing in pain with the cramps every 20 mins. He only slept when he passed out from exhaustion.

I am not trying to scare you but, despite earlier advice from posters on here, I left it 2 days (over weekend) before going to ooh. Search for my thread if you like. My old name was doughnutty. Was in Childrens health and was titled something like "When or should I call ooh?"

For info, ds has been on it over a year. He's 3.5. We tried to stop it after 6 months but he got impacted again. We should probably be looking to try weaning him off again but I am scared. He was in so much pain sad

iloveweetos Thu 04-Apr-13 15:25:58

My daughter was on movicol from 2 up until 6 months ago(4.5yo), she cried all the time whilst pooing whether on the toilet or in her pants.She does very rarely now but atleast it comes out.

i always mixed it with squash, and sometimes got her to make it with me...she always drank it better if she helped make it :s...but i made sure she knew that it helped her stomach and helped her to go, so that she didnt have 'pongy pants and could wear big girl knickers' and she would get a treat if she drank it.

i was really hesitant on her having movicol just in case her body got used to it? lol i worried too much

and then we started giving her two warm weetabix a day. and its amazing. from birth to now, NOTHING has worked better than that. its an option.
just persevere, and as bad as this sounds after a while of trying treats etc, just make her see she has no choice and has to listen to you and have it. now even my daughter sees that if she doesnt have weetabix, her poos are affected and she'll ask for it lol

Hope this helps

AnaS Fri 05-Apr-13 22:54:32

My daughter has it in fairly strong Ribena. She is normally rubbish with medicines so we call it her 'special drink' to help her poo. She has always been fine with that. hth

sahbear Sun 07-Apr-13 01:27:52

My Ds mostly chooses to have it in actimel type yoghurt drinks or milkshake, but we experimented with lots of drinks. He hated it at 1st too, but after a couple of weeks of tears and badgering he accepted he had to drink it. He has to drink it to get bedtime stories - could do same with tv etc? Also saying dr said has to drink it might help...

BigRedDebby Sun 07-Apr-13 01:45:48

It sounds like your DD is compacted and needs to follow the decompaction regieme. Ask to be refered to the paediatric continence team. My DD1 has ASD and has had to be decompacted a couple of times. I agree with you about the taste! She hates taking it but I mix it with squash which helps. I have to say the PCT are brilliant and a great help so make sure you get refered!

IEatCakeInBed Sun 07-Apr-13 01:53:06

My DD would only really take movicol mixed into yoghurt , or ice cream (if we were desperate). We called it fairy dust as it was magic and made her tummy/bottom better. Good luck...

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