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Cold/sinuses and weird cry in 6-wk-old?

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toomuchribbon Wed 03-Apr-13 09:32:33

I have a gorgeous 6 week old DS, my first DC so apologies now for any naive/excessive worrying! For the past 10 days or so he has had nasal congestion, leading to very congested breathing at night and loud sniffles - he wakes very sniffly, is not distressed by it but can't settle so I or DH cuddle him upright and he settles immediately. During the day he is fine, barely any sign of sniffles.

I have been quite relaxed as he has no temp and seems well in himself and to me, seems just how adults are when cold-y - but suddenly worried that he is in pain or upset and I have somehow missed it confused

We've used one of the nose sucker devices and it doesn't produce much. He seems well in himself, alert and jolly, and doesn't have a temperature. He is feeding pretty well though when he has bottle of
EBM he doesn't always finish it at the mo - nevertheless has most of it (at least 100ml).

I've noticed for the last couple of days that his breath smells slightly sour sometimes; not bad, just sour. He is also sleeping a little more than usual though still happy to be on the playmat and 'play' with us. But his breath, a little more sleep and a little less food are his only symptoms.

From a quick look online (agh) I suspect he has a bit of reflux associated with a cold and/or sinus problem. He often seems to get a lot of stomach discomfort during feeding at the moment unless we burp him very regularly, and has a 'barking seal' type cry which seems to suggest post-nasal drip or a throat or sinus
problem as a result of a cold.

I know at this stage they are changing all the time but as we have his 6-week check-up tomorrow: does any of this sound familiar to anyone and is there anything we can particularly ask for? The GP in question is not that helpful so thinking it might be an idea to be a little on the alert in advance..

Thank you : )

minmooch Wed 03-Apr-13 13:31:00

I didn't want your post to go unanswered. I don't want to dismiss your worries but there isn't anything in your post that would worry me. However I don't know your baby, Mum knows best so raise any concerns you have at your appt tomorrow.

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