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What can I do about my sons refusal to below the 0.4th%ile.

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Peacheye Tue 02-Apr-13 21:24:26

My 19month old has always been small. He has never managed to get above the 9th percentile. He has also always been a fussy eater. He was diagnosed with reflux at 10 months which was a huge relief as the mediation given final meant we could get over 40minutes sleep in a row. He is now finally off the mediation however he is an extremely fussy eater and whenever he gets the slightest cold (every other week) he refuses to eat. I might be able to force in 1 fruit pot (64calories) in 24 hours and 100ml of milk (75calories). I dread every meal time and end up crying frequently as he eats so little even on a good day when he actually eats a little better. His weight is below the 0.4th percentile and has consistently dropped over the last 4 months. His height is off the bottom of the chart. I try so hard not to show any sign of disappointment in front of him and to make meal times fun, but day after day it is so difficult. I try giving high fat high calorie food, but if he refuses everything this makes no difference.

He will not eat pasta, potato, rice, couscous............the list is endless

This is the first time I have posted. Please can someone give me recipes ideas or advice on how to get him to eat

narmada Tue 16-Apr-13 18:44:36

Poor thing. Hope the ng feeding helps. Has milk allergy been ruled out? Coeliac?

OpheliasWeepingWillow Tue 16-Apr-13 19:08:45

Sounds exactly like my dd who is now 14 months. 2 months ago she had a gastrostomy (tube feeding through stomach) and we started on Neocate in case she has a milk intolerance.

Different baby! She has put on 2kg. Is eating better (food) and is just so energetic and has leapt developmentally.

Please don't see artificial feeding as a dead end. For us it has been amazing. PM me if you want to know who our specialist is etc.

QOD Tue 16-Apr-13 20:10:56

Take it he's had scans etc? My dn had failure to thrive, barely sipped an ounce at a time, she had a hole in her heart. One surgery later and she's tip top

lotsofcheese Tue 16-Apr-13 21:26:52

I know it's hard, but he's in the right place. Am sure it will help both of you x

cestlavielife Tue 16-Apr-13 23:31:57

Make sure you come out With referral to specialist feeding person. Usually specialist speech and language therapist focusing in feeding oror motor They can help look at the issue behaviourally working with the dietician.and give you ideas.

toosoppyforwords Wed 17-Apr-13 13:53:04

i'm sorry to hear this. My own son was very similar to your story - reflux, multiple ear/throat infections, food refusal, dropped from 75th to 1st centile over a year etc etc.
We were eventually referred to a paed dietician, child psychologist and ENT specialist at the hospital feeding clinic (he had tonsils and adennoids removed at age 3 (had enlarged tonsils and sleep apnea) which helped no end

The things i learned were:
No pressure on him (or you) to eat, to try anything etc Take the stress out of this now. It wont help and will in fact make things worse.
Its all about calorie intake at the moment rather than a balanced diet. If he eats one thing - give it to him in abundance - if he will eat crisps then just give him those nothing else - even if it is for days/weeks on end (hard as it goes against everything we want to do) My son would eat plain bagels and choclate mousse and thats all he ate for months on end.
Let him touch, smell, play with food without expecting him to eat any.
He is not fussy - he is phobic - i think there is a subtle difference. My DD is fussy but my DS was phobic
Dont expect quick results - my DS is now 6 and a half and MUCH better (although still 'fussy' is no longer phobic) and as caught back to 50th centile and in the right age clothes.
It's a hard slog but you will get their eventually. Its hard but try not to worry - he is in the right place now to be taken seriously.
Good luck

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