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Children+winter+work= ?

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Hiddenbiscuits Tue 02-Apr-13 06:14:47

So frustrating! DD has been ill with one thing after another after another for the last few months. I do not get paid if i don't go to work, DH department is looking at redundancies so he is terrified of taking time off, just want a moan! Looks like today will be off again as she has been up all night with a temp ggrrr!

CatsRule Thu 04-Apr-13 11:18:59

I feel your pain! My dh doesn't get paid if he takes time off and he is the higher earner so the childcare and sickness lies with me.

My work are restructuring and making redundancies so I do feel quite vulnerable because of it.

The silly girl in the HR department said to me when I asked if I could keep a few holidays for incase ds was sick that no I wasn't to worry as I was entitled to 3 parental days per year...per year! I didn't know children only got sick for 3 days per year did you?!?!

It's really hard to work around everything, my concern is what if ds caught something like chicken pox that is going around the nursery. How could I cover that in 3 days!

eyeskeepclosing Thu 04-Apr-13 14:08:19

Same here, my two dds have been taking it in turns to be ill over the last month or so and as a result I've not been in work much. My employers are very understanding but at the rate I'm getting through my annual leave entitlement so far this year (i've also used my parental leave) I wont have enough for an actual holiday. sad

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