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Another Movicol question!

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cece Sun 31-Mar-13 18:21:59

When DD had a blockage then yes it would get like that and yes she would have to go into pull ups. I would do a week of 4 sachets per day and then probably 2 weeks ish of 2 sachets per day. Is 1 sachet per day her maintainence dose?

Levantine Sun 31-Mar-13 18:16:13

I really am not an expert at all but iirc we had a week or more of this before things settled down. There was a massive backlog (!) so I think I would follow the GP's advice if I were you

roundabout1 Sun 31-Mar-13 14:25:56

Hi my dd (7)has been on 1 sachet of movicol since xmas but the last two weeks has been very constipated. I increased her up to 4 sachets a day, been on 4 since thursday. She has had 2 "normal" loosish stools in that time, the second of which was this morning. She has had some soiling/overflow the past week but today she seems to have no control at all & there are huge amounts of soiling, she is wearing pull ups as had got through 3 pairs of trousers in 2 hours thsi morning. Shall I start reducing it now & by how much? She is getting quite distressed by the lack of control she has. I saw the gp last week who suggested keeping on 4 sachets until monday and then halfing to 2. Does this sound ok?

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